Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's too damn hot

I can't sleep. New song from Mogwai. I need ice / beer / white wine / snow / anything as long as it's cold.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The end...

Of my holidays, that is. Damn. But spent the day wisely, watching tv, talking on the phone and listening to music. C.V. Jørgensen for example, because it's so summerlike. And that reminded me of this:

We used to play it in our high school band called Ivanhoe (I sung the verse and Mikkel the chorus, because he could actually hit the notes :-)). Funny, when you think of it; Ulrik Lind later joined the band (because he could play guitar way better than anyone around) and now he's playing in Kim and the Cinders, so three former members of Ivanhoe are actually on the same label (and it's funny, because Ivanhoe wasn't exactly the best band in the World/Åbenrå). And hehe, we played this one too:

And I played the drums, because those notes I couldn't even hope to hit :-).

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yes, I've been watching the Tour de France again this year (didn't quite bother to see it the last two years). And it's cool and exciting and all that, but I still miss types such as my all time favourite Laurent Fignon. I mean, French, slightly arrogant, with a ponytail and glasses, winning two Tours and losing one by the smallest margin ever, you gotta love that. Now all you have are these boring professionals who can't say anything even remotely interesting when being interviewed. The same goes for practically all sports, though this is a kinda cool story about pain and injury and winning the Super Bowl. Oh, and CAPAC tells me that it's 30 years since Bruce Springsteen released Darkness on the Edge of Town. So here's Candy's Room since it's the first song by him that I really liked:

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bloody marvellous...

I love the EU. I love this video (thanks to imageyenation):

And holidays are nice too. Today I've been playing a bit of football with my son, recording some noisy synth and reading a crime novel. And watching a rather fast car chase (we love NV too)?!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Screw that...

I'm getting so old that I actually miss Canadian music. Fuck Arcade Fire / Tokyo Police Club / etc. / etc.. I miss the sound. And by that I actually mean THE SOUND, because however hard they try they don't get it. And screw that too, but the memory of taking the train from Århus to Florence with this in my ear is something you don't forget (especially the last few miles with the bizarre and very Italian suburb):

And that made me think of Broken Social Scene. And the concert they played at Loppen which was magnificent, but I had to leave because of work the day after. And a girl from Hamar. Where I once helped my father rebuild a house. And BSS:

Monday, July 21, 2008

Honda Civic

Back from the deadest of dead (South of Jutland). Apart from going there, we also went to Ærø for a bit of camping and exploring the Danish countryside. And been eating luxuriously, drinking retsina and campari and buying cheap, cheap, cheap clothes and shoes. Nice's the word.

And news from Series Two Records again (see below). Label man Chris has been sending out cool stuff, I've got some and here's one for you (it's the Swedish band Klas and the song is twee/americana):

Honda Civic

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Always the sun...

Vacation! So I'm off to the South of Jutland where I'll be barbecuing, drinking Retsina and Campari and doing practically nothing for the next week. Oh, and great news: ONBC is appearing (with "Lovesong") on the newly released compilation from the very cool Nebraska-based label Series Two Records. Go there and get one of the very limited editions. Oh, and no matter what, there's always the sun:

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lost cause...

Well. Spent most of this week being ill while still going to work. Yesterday I took jpg-manja to Lily Electric and Electrojuice and today we went to Props and then Gefährlich where we met Ulrik. And I bought the new Beck album "Modern Guilt" which is amazingly and surprisingly cool (I never really cared about Beck to be quite honest). But the one song I actually liked before is this one (and it's the way I feel right now):

But now to something quite different, pics from Roskilde (thanks to the lovely Christina Yhman Kaarsberg, who's also responsible for the photo for our next cover):


(this one showing: Cecilie / Mikkel / CJ / Jpg-manja making sweet love to CJ / Helle phoning for help / Michelle (I wasn't there, but it looks nice :-)).


(this one showing: Christina / Anne Marie / Michelle / Cecilie not very much making sweet love to me / me very much making sweet love to Cecilie).

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm still...

drunk. and tired. just as last year and the year before that. if i can't spell, blame it on carl jørn. roskilde was magnificent btw. i saw: radiohead (bad, but not that bad) / mogwai (incredibly nice) / holy fuck (which was so amazingly fucking cool that it made me dance, dance, dance and then dance and clap ze hands) / my bloody valentine (beautiful, loud, beautiful, loud and then some, it almost made me wanna cry) / liars (new to me, but we loved it) / bob hund (whopee) / other bands /other bands / other bands / soon i'll post pictures of mikkel and cj getting their asses wiped in chess / i didn't take my shoes off from thursday 'till sunday /i love you / i smoke as french people / a video:

/ i love you

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Off to Roskilde tomorrow! The weather will be great, the beers will be cold and I'm readier than ever. This is what I'll most likely see:

Thursday: Perhaps Säkert, otherwise nothing, I'll throw my stuff in the tent and drink beer in the media city. And no, won't be going to Radiohead, since I'm not a very big fan and therefore I'd just piss my friends (who adore them) off by saying that "the music is rather cool, but I really don't care much for his voice".

Friday: YOYOOYOY / Mogwai / Holy Fuck and Motorpsycho.

Saturday: Cadence Weapon / My Bloody Valentine (aaaargh, I'll be missing The Notwist!) / some of Albertslund Terror Korps & No Age.

Sunday: Slayer and either Bob Hund or Bonnie "Prince" Billy.

And then I'll probably see a bit of a few more. So yay, now it's packing and a cold beer and off to bed, 5 hours of work and then it's time!!!

And here's a video: