Saturday, December 26, 2009

I hate myself when I'm alone...

And no, everything's fine :-). It's just that last night we had sort of a break-up-songs-theme. And At Break of Day is, well, near to being perfect. So listen here.
And the pre-party was brilliant and The Banana Hold-Up, too. Lots of dancing. Lots of beer.
And do you remember this one?:

The name Urquhart came up, while watching Monty Python on DR K (great idea btw).

Friday, December 25, 2009

X-mas! Yay!

Yay! X-mas has been brilliant. My aunt came to Copenhagen, and we had a not very x-masy x-mas. Kösk kebab on the 23rd and rabbit ragout yesterday. And then just some wine and presents. And I got the best present I've sort of ever got; A picture by Kirsten Klein (I get to pick the one I like the most among the 7 or 8 my aunt's got). Huge sentimental value + I really like them = large smiley.
Oh, and go via Stytzer and download the Fireflies cover EP! It's goddamn great (there's a cover of this one, CJ):

And now, relaxing, and then beer and dancing!

Friday, December 11, 2009


As pointed out by CJ and monsieur Lykkeager I forgot a few things about the trip. I also forgot that we saw Sonic Youth and Serena Maneesh btw.
And arcade and Stonehenge photos here.
And now,lyrics and red wine and bed.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Well, that was just excellent!
Friday: By some strange coincidence we ran into Stytzer on the plane. As always it was a pleasure and we had a good chat about music and favourite Mew-songs. Met up with the rest of the dudes in Gatwick, picked up our car and off we went. And here begins the legend of CJ :-). I'll leave out rather a lot of the details, but:
1: It took us 7(!) hours to get to Minehead, because he had to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes.
2: As that was mainly due to him drinking large amounts of beer and half a bottle of Scotch, we also had the pleasure of hearing him make the funniest rant about "people wearing Vibskov clothes and liking Townes Van Zandt" I've ever heard and
3: Missing most of Yo La Tengo. And a million other things! So we didn't hear that much music that night, but those of us who didn't get banned for "dancing badly :-)", danced a bit and had a few drinks, too. And here's an odd fact: Bartenders at Butlin's Minehead seem to believe that you can:
1: Make a Bloody Mary with ketchup and water. And
2: Make a White Russian with lemonade.
Then we went to bed.
Saturday: English breakfast, beer, cider. Hearing Harmony Rockets play one chord for 20 minutes. Hearing Spectrum play one chord for 20 minutes. Hearing J. Mascis & the Fog play a very nice concert. Hearing My Bloody Valentine play a not very nice concert. Dancing like devils to the coolest two DJs. Going to bed.
Sunday: Sunday roast. Beer. Cider. Watching weird ATP tv. Playing pool. Swervedriver, which was amazing! Playing air hockey. Beer. Múm, while we sat at Burger King. Dancing like devils to one of the two coolest DJs. Party at crazy Norwegians' place. Bed.
Monday: Going home (rather much faster :-)).
And wow! The combination: Holiday resort/Festival/Somerset is weird beyond belief. And brilliant. Go there, if you can. And a video:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last night...

Brilliant evening. Went to see Cody at Din Nye Ven. Mini concert, which was very cool. And then beers and hanging out with da Boombox boys and girl. And sweet-as-always cello-Line.

AND: I think I've written a rather catchy pop ballad. So that's cool, too.
AND: Off to ATP on Friday. Ooooooooh yeah!