Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Classic of the week

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Completely forgot about this song. It was on my first tape which was some sort of best of 82 thing. And it's just great, it's got the right kind of melancholic feeling and then of course there's the sentimental value (being 7 listening to music in a small house in a very small town):

On a completely different subject (namely football) I got a black eye and my first red card ever for a very hazardous tackle last week. Apparently you don't get wiser, just because you get older.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Klingeling die Post geht ab

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Oh yeah, mamma! This is as cool as it gets:

It's German hip-hop (old school, old school, old school!!!), it's such a great song and it's such a great video. They're called Kinderzimmer Productions and me loves you long time. And visit Myspace. You can listen to their newest album "Asphalt". I would recommend "Kickstart mein Hirn", "Geh kaputt" and "Die Stadt die es nicht", and when I say recommend, I really, really mean recommend. Really.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Goooolden news.

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Danish folk/rock/electro dude Simon Gylden has uploaded the first single from his forthcoming album "First Man on Venus" (out September 10th). It's called "Nosebleed on the Catwalk" and I quite simply love it. It's not as "weird" as most of his older stuff and actually rather rock 'n' roll (sounds like an alternative version of a song by The Rolling Stones perhaps?). But still, it's cool, cool, cool and here's where to go.

And a video (for an old song, which I love too :-)).

Dixieland Drive Away

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Da Adrenaline Remix!

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Yes, our very, very cool friend Tatu has made a remix of "Adrenaline". Tatu's from Finland and goes under the aliases Darkboy / TAT200 (and he has a band with his brother called farm animals). Normally Tatu is more into experimental rap and trip hop, but the remix has a darker and more 80ies feel to it (at least I think) and I really, really like it! So hope you'll like it too :-). Get it here. And visit Darkboy / TAT200 here.

AND.....if you feel like making a remix of our forthcoming single "Baby cool", you're still more than welcome. The files can be found here, the deadline for entries is August 19th, and the winners will be featured on Myspace in the two weeks prior to the release. So go fetch :-).

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Found this over at imageyenation. It's the video for Public Enemy's new single "Harder Than You Think". And I like it! A lot actually!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Classic of the week

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The theme being nice music sounding somewhat like The Smiths. The Sundays is the obvious first choice, since their sound most definitely is Smithish. Nevertheless, I adored "Here's Where The Story Ends" when it came out, watched the video over and over again and had a teen crush on Harriet Wheeler (I'm having trouble seing why at this moment but what the hey).

And do you remember Gene? I didn't like them at first, thought they were very much a Smiths-ripoff, but somewhere along the road they grew on me (mainly due to their Roskilde concert on a drunken afternoon in 1995), so here's the "Olympian" video: