Monday, July 30, 2007

Savoir Adore

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Oh, this is cool, matey: Savoir Adore, from New York, two members (Paul & Deirdre). And I haven't got the foggiest idea on how to describe it (but perhaps a mix between CYHSY, casio stuff, dreamy synths and pop?). And the songs are rather short. Three songs for download via Myspace. And I'm back from my holiday, yay :-)!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

it hugs back...

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Received a mail from Too Pure with a short introduction to their Singles Club which they'll launch in September. The whole idea behind the club being a monthly release of a 7' single with two previously unreleased songs (500 copies only, so rather exclusive). The band of December is It Hugs Back which I had never heard of before, so I went and checked it out. And it's alright, nothing special, but alright still. For some reason they insist that it's shoegaze and Drowned In Sound even calls it "the soundtrack produced if Evan Dando and Kevin Shields were making love in a log cabin" (I'm more inclined to think that it sounds like a somewhat boring version of Mojave 3, but then again what the hell do I know). But check it out on Myspace, if you feel like it. And da video:

And now I'm off on vacation, off to beautiful South of Jutland (and just ever so slightly boring too, but don't tell anyone).

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Bracelets

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Found this band on Myspace (naturally). And it's terribly good, the keywords being country/post-rock/atmospheric indie. It's a trio (Tim, Lindsay and Ian) from Madison, Wisconsin and their not very informative homepage seems to suggest that they're practically done with their new album (so far they've appeared on a compilation and released an EP). Yes, so go visit Myspace. And watch this video (bad quality, sorry):

Oh, and visit the homepage too.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Classic of the week, part 2

Oh, since I'm the editor and since I didn't post while I was at Roskilde, you get this part 2 thing. When I was writing about Seigmen and their cover of "Som et strejf af en dråbe" I got to thinking that I really needed to do a Gasolin / Kim Larsen post. In my view they're the best thing that ever happened to Danish music, and I know it's sort of sentimental, because they're the ones that I (and most Danes my age) grew up with, but I still love most of the old songs, so what is a man to do. So here are three of my favourites:

This is me growing up and being social-realistic in the 70ies (although I like the original better than this live version).

The same as the above applies (and Mikkel and I used to play this song in our not very famous cover band Sylter Sylt, Bagagerummet 9, Støj-Band. AND we once got a few hundred quid for playing it at Pinden in Aarhus :-)).

I remember not being allowed to see the movie, because I wasn't old enough (and the original with the beats and stuff is better, but it's still a beautiful song).

And if I could (but I can't find it), I would have posted "Længes hjem", because if I had to mention an all-time favourite it would be that one :-).

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Classic of the week

Going to Roskilde suddenly reminded me of Norwegian band Seigmen. They played an astonishing concert in 1995 (as far as I remember they ended the concert with a very long version of their cover of "Som et strejf af en dråbe" which was just incredibly cool!). Before that they played this song (and watching 3000 Norwegians sing along on the chorus was almost scary ;-)):

The song is a cover too (of Norwegian band deLillos). That is almost impossible to believe if you watch this video of a song called "Tøff i Pysjamas" (but their front singer and main man Lars Lillo-Stenberg is cooler than most and it speaks for itself that he has a very large collection of Neil Young records :-)):

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back from Roskilde

Ooooooh yes, we're back from Roskilde. Or rather, we've been back since Sunday, but it isn't before today that I feel just slightly fit (and capable of writing here for example). I saw loads of concerts (or at least a few minutes of a great deal), and I kinda thought that there were many good this year. The cool ones included:

J Rocc from the Stones Throw Records-thing (his set was very, very cool, while the rest of the concert was extremely bad or at least really, really boring).

The Brian Jonestown Massacre (which was just cool to a point beyond belief, in my next life I want to be the tambourine man).

120 Days (which is just what you need when you're drunk to a point beyond belief).

LCD Soundsystem (for being them and the fact that I had great company).

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Canadian videos

I don't know why I hadn't heard of Elevator to Hell (later renamed Elevator Through, and now just Elevator) before a few weeks ago. The band is an offspring of one of my favourite teen obsessions Eric's Trip, so I was kinda bewildered when I suddenly stumbled upon this other band that I had never heard of via Myspace. Anyways, it's not quite as good as Eric's Trip, but their mix between lo-fi indierock and some very psychelic stuff is interesting to say the least. They've released a very large number of albums, cd-r's etc. etc. (and they're apparently recording a new LP or EP at the moment) and you can hear some of it on their myspace. Or perhaps watch this video:

And here's some Eric's Trip too (this song is immensely cool, please listen to the drums!):

And what the heck, here's a Julie Doiron video too (very art girl stuff, but the song's a good one):

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Classic of the week

This week's classic is OMD's "Enola Gay". Firstly, because it's one of those 80ies songs that I grew up with, recorded on tape and basically just loved. And I still do, the synth melody is fantastic and the beat/drums/bass section is just...well cool. So here's the video:

Secondly, because ONBC made a cover of "Enola Gay" back in 2001 (actually we were called pierre back then, but that's ancient history now). At the moment we're sending it to the blogs that has written about us + our mailing list as a sort of exclusive treat (we won't be releasing it due to a broken down harddisk). Anyways, can't really remember recording it, but it includes Camilla's beautiful voice, a noisy guitar section and an "aaaah-aaaah" choir by Mikkel and yours truly. Oh, and since this is a blog too, it's added below:

And here's the wiki (nothing to do with the song as such, just a quick history lesson, if you didn't know it already).