Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back from Roskilde

Ooooooh yes, we're back from Roskilde. Or rather, we've been back since Sunday, but it isn't before today that I feel just slightly fit (and capable of writing here for example). I saw loads of concerts (or at least a few minutes of a great deal), and I kinda thought that there were many good this year. The cool ones included:

J Rocc from the Stones Throw Records-thing (his set was very, very cool, while the rest of the concert was extremely bad or at least really, really boring).

The Brian Jonestown Massacre (which was just cool to a point beyond belief, in my next life I want to be the tambourine man).

120 Days (which is just what you need when you're drunk to a point beyond belief).

LCD Soundsystem (for being them and the fact that I had great company).

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