Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Off tomorrow! Nothing much planned, just:

I'll be bringing shorts this year, as it seems it'll hit 30 degrees.

I'll try to drink less beer and more water :-).

And I'll start here:

And end here:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup Special 1994

Oh, the misery! Baggio played a beautiful tournament and Italy reached the final. And lost!

(I actually had to go powder my nose / cry a bit in the bathroom after Baggio's missed penalty :-)).

Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup Special 1990

Oh yeah! Here starts my fascination for the Italian team. Or rather, it actually started two years earlier, when my father invited me to Germany to see the European Championships and Italy beat Denmark 2-0 (jpg-manja-Jesper and CJ will hate this, but I also won 800,- guessing the result ;-)). Anywho, in 1990 I understood tactics and since I'd always been a defender, I really liked the Italian cool defence, the technically skilled midfield and especially the role of the trequartista or number 10. Or in this case the number 15, here's a tribute to my all time favourite player, he was kinda strange, a Buddhist and had the weirdest haircut (hence his nickname "The Divine Ponytail").

Apart from Baggio the tournament was crap, though. Boring as hell and Germany won. And here's the sad story of the English exit:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup Special 1986

This is fun :-). 1986 was the first "real" World Cup for me. I watched most of the games or at least saw the sports news and read the papers, so I was able to make my own statistics. Yup, it's slightly insane, but I just located 10 pages with my tournament facts:

1: I had my own grading system ranging from 1 ("bad") to 9 ("super fantastic world class").
2: I really liked Careca, so he became the best player of the tournament, ahead of Maradona :-).
3: Because of Careca, Brazil was my team (when they lost the game against France, my notes say: "ooooooooh noooooooo. SHIT"). Here's the game in question:

Naturally, I was also a fan of Denmark. And was really, really pleased that Germany didn't win (despite making a pretty amazing comeback like in 82). Here's the final:

World Cup Special 1982

Well, I looooove the World Cup, so I've decided to make a Special series of all the World Cups I've seen. Here's the first match I vividly remember watching:

It's well known for the German comeback and the insane Schumacher tackle on Battiston. Other facts from that year:
My favourite team was Argentina, because they had the coolest jerseys (I had a large poster from BP with all teams hanging in my room).
I watched the first part of the tournament in Denmark and the rest in Norway. And I really liked that Italy (now that Argentina didn't) took the trophy, as my father was a fan of Germany and you sort of never like the same stuff as your parents.
My Norwegian uncle named his dog Rossi after the topscorer of the tournament. Here he is in another classic from that year (and I'm pretty sure that I saw the game in Skive on my way to Norway, but I might be wrong on that one :-)):

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh yeah!

Brilliant week! Distortion was nice, the recording's been nice and even the jobseeking's been nice. And other things too :-). And according to some you're old, if you like Creedence, but I really like it, and check the guitar in this one, that's goddamn hot shit!:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ten Feet Up...

And Norway was nice, indeed! Now I'm back to finding jobs that I'd like to have. And writing lyrics. While I've been doing that I've been spending a bit of time in here. It's Copenhagen X Sessions and it's pretty goddamn cool, check this out for instance:

And yay, Boombox did one too, which will be up later (and I'm very, very much looking forward to the Monkey Cup Dress session!!!).

And Distortion tomorrow, ooooooh yeah!