Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup Special 1986

This is fun :-). 1986 was the first "real" World Cup for me. I watched most of the games or at least saw the sports news and read the papers, so I was able to make my own statistics. Yup, it's slightly insane, but I just located 10 pages with my tournament facts:

1: I had my own grading system ranging from 1 ("bad") to 9 ("super fantastic world class").
2: I really liked Careca, so he became the best player of the tournament, ahead of Maradona :-).
3: Because of Careca, Brazil was my team (when they lost the game against France, my notes say: "ooooooooh noooooooo. SHIT"). Here's the game in question:

Naturally, I was also a fan of Denmark. And was really, really pleased that Germany didn't win (despite making a pretty amazing comeback like in 82). Here's the final:

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