Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup Special 1982

Well, I looooove the World Cup, so I've decided to make a Special series of all the World Cups I've seen. Here's the first match I vividly remember watching:

It's well known for the German comeback and the insane Schumacher tackle on Battiston. Other facts from that year:
My favourite team was Argentina, because they had the coolest jerseys (I had a large poster from BP with all teams hanging in my room).
I watched the first part of the tournament in Denmark and the rest in Norway. And I really liked that Italy (now that Argentina didn't) took the trophy, as my father was a fan of Germany and you sort of never like the same stuff as your parents.
My Norwegian uncle named his dog Rossi after the topscorer of the tournament. Here he is in another classic from that year (and I'm pretty sure that I saw the game in Skive on my way to Norway, but I might be wrong on that one :-)):

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