Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No sleep...

Birds keeping you up from 4.45 aren't exactly my idea of fun.
And CORNY video!:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Well, what the Hell...

Since I'm searching for videos anyway, I might as well post them here. So CJ, here goes:

"I was dreaming of the past / And my heart was beating fast" - Jealous Guy.

"And kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall / But you go on" - October.

"Oh, don't sorrow / Oh, don't weep / for tonight / at last / I am coming home / I am coming home" - A Sort Of Homecoming.

"Just don't let me fuck up, will you / Cos when I need a friend, it's still you" - Freak Scene.

"Now we've ended all who'd harm us / no one left here to alarm us / and we live just us alone / safely in our Holly home" - Just To See My Holly Home.

"I try to laugh about it / cover it all up with lies / I try to laugh about it / hiding the tears in my eyes / 'cause boys don't cry" - Boys Don't Cry.

That's it for today, if I have the time tomorrow, I'll post some more (and CJ would love suggestions, so please do comment, if you've got some :-)).

God Only Knows...

Or something.... I've told CJ that I'd help him and find some catchy lines from pop songs for a project he has in Stavanger. So that's what I'm gonna do this afternoon, so far I've found this one:

And kinda tired after football on Thursday, and an evening in the studio + a party yesterday. So I think some white wine in the garden while writing lyrics will be a smashing idea later (and then off to Bolsjefabrikken tonight :-)).
Oh, and here's another for the project (or perhaps ever so slightly too depressing for Norwegian high school kids?):

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Soundtrack of the summer...

The new album by Camera Obscura, for sure. At least, "Let's Get Out of This Country" was (I vividly remember walking to work and listening to that one for a month of so). Anyways, "My Maudlin Career", as the new one is called, is pretty cool. Scottish indiepop 60ies style with the right amount of slow ballads and low-key female vocals. And I'm cool with that, so no complaints here, now all I need is summer, a gallon of white wine, female company and dancing :-).
Oh, and CJ tells me that he's had the I Am Bones record all along! If nothing else that at least proves that your memory gets destroyed when you're drunk in Norway :-).

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Year 2004/2005

I spent that one in Oslo. With CJ and Søren, their girlfriends and friends. Went to some Norwegian girl's party, got drunk, danced and all that. Great fun. And the reason, why I suddenly thought of it, is simple. I forgot my copy of I Am Bones' "If You Really Love Me Send Me More Medical Supplies" and I've missed that ever since. And I mean MISSED IT! In my view it's one of the best Danish records ever made, "All the Relatives Agree", "Get With the Program", "Walk, Don't Run" are smashing and the number of great songs is practically endless. And now you can get it via Frekvens! Yay! Oh, and I once did a review of it too.

Friday, April 17, 2009

11 songs...

That's how many I've written so far for the Boombox thing :-). I've also decided to skip Roskilde this year (sweet Jesus, a lame programme), and go to Start Festival in June and All Tomorrow's Parties in December instead.
Oh, and this is nice: These Glory Days. Pop, indietronica and slacker vocals.
And white wine and then bed, barbeque tomorrow, and rehearsing on Sunday.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter holidays

How splendid. Ain't done nothing. Played football with my son, read a few hundred pages in a rather good novel about a serial killer in the Soviet Union, and done a bit of laundry. Tomorrow my aunt arrives, so that means some sightseeing and some red wine. And on Saturday: listening to my son singing for the first time in Vor Frue with the Sankt Annæ Choir. Yay, and a video:

Monday, April 6, 2009


PUJ was magnificent on Thursday, the photo exhibition was cool, the beers were cooler and free, and I slept at Mikkel's place.
Friday, getting up, walking via Valby Bakke to my work with a cola in my hand and the sun on my face was sweet too. Then my friend came around, and we went drinking beers, met other friends and more friends and ended on Louise's at 7.
Saturday, getting up at 11, hanging out with my friend, drinking beers, ending on Nørrehus at 1.
Yesterday, having the worst hangovers sort of ever, met Stytzer at Snork's and then to the Loney, Dear concert at Vega. And that was goddamn incredible. Goddamn he sings well and the band is way beyond wild.
Today, being the only pupil at Russian lessons meant approx. 100 minutes of me trying to speak crappy Russian :-). And then just work.
So I could with some sleep.
And here's an interview:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Crazy week. Concerts Saturday, Mikkel's Birthday on Sunday and recording on Tuesday. And today relaxing, thank God! Tomorrow Mikkel's taking me to the Psyched Up Janis reunion thing, and on Friday my old friend from Haderslev will visit me, so that means beer too :-). Goddamn, I'll need to sleep for a week!
At least our bartender friend from Props is in this one :-):