Monday, April 6, 2009


PUJ was magnificent on Thursday, the photo exhibition was cool, the beers were cooler and free, and I slept at Mikkel's place.
Friday, getting up, walking via Valby Bakke to my work with a cola in my hand and the sun on my face was sweet too. Then my friend came around, and we went drinking beers, met other friends and more friends and ended on Louise's at 7.
Saturday, getting up at 11, hanging out with my friend, drinking beers, ending on Nørrehus at 1.
Yesterday, having the worst hangovers sort of ever, met Stytzer at Snork's and then to the Loney, Dear concert at Vega. And that was goddamn incredible. Goddamn he sings well and the band is way beyond wild.
Today, being the only pupil at Russian lessons meant approx. 100 minutes of me trying to speak crappy Russian :-). And then just work.
So I could with some sleep.
And here's an interview:

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