Saturday, April 25, 2009

Well, what the Hell...

Since I'm searching for videos anyway, I might as well post them here. So CJ, here goes:

"I was dreaming of the past / And my heart was beating fast" - Jealous Guy.

"And kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall / But you go on" - October.

"Oh, don't sorrow / Oh, don't weep / for tonight / at last / I am coming home / I am coming home" - A Sort Of Homecoming.

"Just don't let me fuck up, will you / Cos when I need a friend, it's still you" - Freak Scene.

"Now we've ended all who'd harm us / no one left here to alarm us / and we live just us alone / safely in our Holly home" - Just To See My Holly Home.

"I try to laugh about it / cover it all up with lies / I try to laugh about it / hiding the tears in my eyes / 'cause boys don't cry" - Boys Don't Cry.

That's it for today, if I have the time tomorrow, I'll post some more (and CJ would love suggestions, so please do comment, if you've got some :-)).

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