Monday, June 30, 2008

Once in a lifetime feature...

Introducing Carl Jørn who'll be showing us some oldies but goodies (which I'll most likely hate :-)):

Ivan is playing crappy guitar and I am afraid that he'll start singing within the next hour. Yesterday I got kicked out of an imiginary high school band but I will appear on the next ONBC single when they introduce their new dirtrock image to the world. Since I am an old bitter man and haven't heard of 95% of the bands at this years festival I will be posting some of the stuff I know something about. Terribly unhip, but quality stuff all the way. ..
yes... he started singing, more wine please. NOW.

Hello. First up. The coolest band on earth intil February 1994:

(editor's note: I remember living with CJ and doing the dishes on Saturdays while listening to music. Mostly "Screamadelica", but sometimes Manic Street Preachers too. I didn't like it then, and I still don't).

Why noone liked this band is a huge mystery to me. They might overdo the tacky casio rythmbox, but if you can summon the strength and actually listen to the lyrics there is loads to discover:

(editor's note: not quite a mystery to me :-)) (guest writers note. He never summoned the strength...wimp):

Just because you're a good person, have our empathy and deserve this

(editor's note: I actually like this one!)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Video, video...

Funky stuff from our trip:

And it's been a lazy Sunday, but now I'm off to watch the finals and have a beer or two.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Hell yeah, the Netherlands are out, thank the lord. And if Italy can't win, which they probably can't, then please let it be Russia. Oh, and because I really dislike Dutch players, here's the best game ever:-):

Friday, June 20, 2008

Recording, meetings and football...

Rather eventful week. Firstly, the recording weekend was amazing. We recorded a noisy bubblegum-pop song (the drums and one of the guitars recorded outside) and a most beautiful/corny latino-indie anthem. And we went to the beach, ate fish, drank beer and wine and generally just had fun. Pictures + a video to come soonish :-).
And on Monday I met Somedayashtrays-Sara and Simon from Zvook Mescalin for a beer at Café Runddelen. And yesterday we recorded some.
AND ITALY! Yes, they're in the next round (where, unfortunately, without Gattuso and Pirlo I'm afraid they'll get smashed by Spain, but then again Toni owes a goal or 16 :-)).

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Something's finally going my way in the Championships! And tomorrow we're going to Helgenæs (whereever the hell that is) to record. And this is what I really like about the British media; articles as this one. And starting to look forward to Roskilde (I think this will be great):

Especially since Ms. John Soda in 2006 was absolutely amazing!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In the country...

Finally got over the weekend. And we're going to the countryside on Friday to record, drink beer and record some more. And aaaaargh, hate the European Championships already, goddammit, I want Donadoni out of office and a more efficient team on the field. And I miss Cannavaro! And Totti!:

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Vesterbro Festival etc. etc.

Busy weekend. But highlights: finally meeting Morten from Hits in the car :-) / Cody (the best band in Denmark, if you ask me, goddamn, it's beautiful!) / and I rather enjoyed Bodebrixen too / arranging the first session with Simon from Zvook Mescalin for our new italo disco / shoegaze / whatever band / The Zvook concert was incredibly cool as well / Oh, and Line from Monkey Cup Dress will be singing some in our new and not yet named band too (and what I saw of them was cool, but I got some nasty hiccups, so I went home and slept) / Tremolo Beer Gut at Kaffe & Vinyl was also very nice (and the DJ played "Der Goldene Reiter", so everything was just just peachy) / And DJ'ing at Ideal bar was fun, when we started at 11 there was litterally 0 there, but at 2 the place was packed, and I actually managed to get people to dance to this song:

And now, Germany-Poland, white wine and SLEEP!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Not quite xmas...

But the fact that Mogwai will be playing Roskilde reminded me of a trip to Amsterdam in 1999. It included a long bus trip with a rather cute girl, lots of beer, a punk party in an abandoned hospital and eating herring on toast. And buying this (in the original EP version):

Damn, I'm looking forward to Roskilde!