Friday, June 20, 2008

Recording, meetings and football...

Rather eventful week. Firstly, the recording weekend was amazing. We recorded a noisy bubblegum-pop song (the drums and one of the guitars recorded outside) and a most beautiful/corny latino-indie anthem. And we went to the beach, ate fish, drank beer and wine and generally just had fun. Pictures + a video to come soonish :-).
And on Monday I met Somedayashtrays-Sara and Simon from Zvook Mescalin for a beer at Café Runddelen. And yesterday we recorded some.
AND ITALY! Yes, they're in the next round (where, unfortunately, without Gattuso and Pirlo I'm afraid they'll get smashed by Spain, but then again Toni owes a goal or 16 :-)).

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