Monday, June 30, 2008

Once in a lifetime feature...

Introducing Carl Jørn who'll be showing us some oldies but goodies (which I'll most likely hate :-)):

Ivan is playing crappy guitar and I am afraid that he'll start singing within the next hour. Yesterday I got kicked out of an imiginary high school band but I will appear on the next ONBC single when they introduce their new dirtrock image to the world. Since I am an old bitter man and haven't heard of 95% of the bands at this years festival I will be posting some of the stuff I know something about. Terribly unhip, but quality stuff all the way. ..
yes... he started singing, more wine please. NOW.

Hello. First up. The coolest band on earth intil February 1994:

(editor's note: I remember living with CJ and doing the dishes on Saturdays while listening to music. Mostly "Screamadelica", but sometimes Manic Street Preachers too. I didn't like it then, and I still don't).

Why noone liked this band is a huge mystery to me. They might overdo the tacky casio rythmbox, but if you can summon the strength and actually listen to the lyrics there is loads to discover:

(editor's note: not quite a mystery to me :-)) (guest writers note. He never summoned the strength...wimp):

Just because you're a good person, have our empathy and deserve this

(editor's note: I actually like this one!)

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