Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Off to Roskilde tomorrow! The weather will be great, the beers will be cold and I'm readier than ever. This is what I'll most likely see:

Thursday: Perhaps Säkert, otherwise nothing, I'll throw my stuff in the tent and drink beer in the media city. And no, won't be going to Radiohead, since I'm not a very big fan and therefore I'd just piss my friends (who adore them) off by saying that "the music is rather cool, but I really don't care much for his voice".

Friday: YOYOOYOY / Mogwai / Holy Fuck and Motorpsycho.

Saturday: Cadence Weapon / My Bloody Valentine (aaaargh, I'll be missing The Notwist!) / some of Albertslund Terror Korps & No Age.

Sunday: Slayer and either Bob Hund or Bonnie "Prince" Billy.

And then I'll probably see a bit of a few more. So yay, now it's packing and a cold beer and off to bed, 5 hours of work and then it's time!!!

And here's a video:

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