Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm still...

drunk. and tired. just as last year and the year before that. if i can't spell, blame it on carl jørn. roskilde was magnificent btw. i saw: radiohead (bad, but not that bad) / mogwai (incredibly nice) / holy fuck (which was so amazingly fucking cool that it made me dance, dance, dance and then dance and clap ze hands) / my bloody valentine (beautiful, loud, beautiful, loud and then some, it almost made me wanna cry) / liars (new to me, but we loved it) / bob hund (whopee) / other bands /other bands / other bands / soon i'll post pictures of mikkel and cj getting their asses wiped in chess / i didn't take my shoes off from thursday 'till sunday /i love you / i smoke as french people / a video:

/ i love you

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