Sunday, July 27, 2008

The end...

Of my holidays, that is. Damn. But spent the day wisely, watching tv, talking on the phone and listening to music. C.V. Jørgensen for example, because it's so summerlike. And that reminded me of this:

We used to play it in our high school band called Ivanhoe (I sung the verse and Mikkel the chorus, because he could actually hit the notes :-)). Funny, when you think of it; Ulrik Lind later joined the band (because he could play guitar way better than anyone around) and now he's playing in Kim and the Cinders, so three former members of Ivanhoe are actually on the same label (and it's funny, because Ivanhoe wasn't exactly the best band in the World/Åbenrå). And hehe, we played this one too:

And I played the drums, because those notes I couldn't even hope to hit :-).

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