Sunday, June 8, 2008

Vesterbro Festival etc. etc.

Busy weekend. But highlights: finally meeting Morten from Hits in the car :-) / Cody (the best band in Denmark, if you ask me, goddamn, it's beautiful!) / and I rather enjoyed Bodebrixen too / arranging the first session with Simon from Zvook Mescalin for our new italo disco / shoegaze / whatever band / The Zvook concert was incredibly cool as well / Oh, and Line from Monkey Cup Dress will be singing some in our new and not yet named band too (and what I saw of them was cool, but I got some nasty hiccups, so I went home and slept) / Tremolo Beer Gut at Kaffe & Vinyl was also very nice (and the DJ played "Der Goldene Reiter", so everything was just just peachy) / And DJ'ing at Ideal bar was fun, when we started at 11 there was litterally 0 there, but at 2 the place was packed, and I actually managed to get people to dance to this song:

And now, Germany-Poland, white wine and SLEEP!!!


stytzer said...

And certainly a highlight finally meeting you :)

Matthew Lawrence said...

On a whim the other day, after reading your post, I downloaded Der Goldene Reiter (which I'd never heard before) and brought it with me DJ-ing that night. That song's awesome! Sadly only about three people showed up to hear it, though.

Also played your Enola Gay...