Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup Special 1990

Oh yeah! Here starts my fascination for the Italian team. Or rather, it actually started two years earlier, when my father invited me to Germany to see the European Championships and Italy beat Denmark 2-0 (jpg-manja-Jesper and CJ will hate this, but I also won 800,- guessing the result ;-)). Anywho, in 1990 I understood tactics and since I'd always been a defender, I really liked the Italian cool defence, the technically skilled midfield and especially the role of the trequartista or number 10. Or in this case the number 15, here's a tribute to my all time favourite player, he was kinda strange, a Buddhist and had the weirdest haircut (hence his nickname "The Divine Ponytail").

Apart from Baggio the tournament was crap, though. Boring as hell and Germany won. And here's the sad story of the English exit:

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