Friday, July 13, 2007

Classic of the week, part 2

Oh, since I'm the editor and since I didn't post while I was at Roskilde, you get this part 2 thing. When I was writing about Seigmen and their cover of "Som et strejf af en dråbe" I got to thinking that I really needed to do a Gasolin / Kim Larsen post. In my view they're the best thing that ever happened to Danish music, and I know it's sort of sentimental, because they're the ones that I (and most Danes my age) grew up with, but I still love most of the old songs, so what is a man to do. So here are three of my favourites:

This is me growing up and being social-realistic in the 70ies (although I like the original better than this live version).

The same as the above applies (and Mikkel and I used to play this song in our not very famous cover band Sylter Sylt, Bagagerummet 9, Støj-Band. AND we once got a few hundred quid for playing it at Pinden in Aarhus :-)).

I remember not being allowed to see the movie, because I wasn't old enough (and the original with the beats and stuff is better, but it's still a beautiful song).

And if I could (but I can't find it), I would have posted "Længes hjem", because if I had to mention an all-time favourite it would be that one :-).

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