Sunday, July 1, 2007

Classic of the week

This week's classic is OMD's "Enola Gay". Firstly, because it's one of those 80ies songs that I grew up with, recorded on tape and basically just loved. And I still do, the synth melody is fantastic and the beat/drums/bass section is just...well cool. So here's the video:

Secondly, because ONBC made a cover of "Enola Gay" back in 2001 (actually we were called pierre back then, but that's ancient history now). At the moment we're sending it to the blogs that has written about us + our mailing list as a sort of exclusive treat (we won't be releasing it due to a broken down harddisk). Anyways, can't really remember recording it, but it includes Camilla's beautiful voice, a noisy guitar section and an "aaaah-aaaah" choir by Mikkel and yours truly. Oh, and since this is a blog too, it's added below:

And here's the wiki (nothing to do with the song as such, just a quick history lesson, if you didn't know it already).

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