Saturday, June 30, 2007

it's just details, don't worry about it

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bakers at dawn is a one man project from Malmo, Sweden (the man behind it being Markus). He used to play under the alias Big Ship and relased one cd-r album on Canarie Records called "You Got Your Fathers Mother", which was really good. He switched artist name sometime last year, I think, but the style hasn't changed much (never change a winning concept :-)).

And the music is really cool, we're talking very, very lo-fi and melancholic, mostly acoustic, rock with some really catchy melodies. The songs below are my two absolute favourites, "Lay it aside" (synths extravaganza and the I-hate-myself-and-I-want-to-die feeling) and "Camera" (great chorus, superb ending, think Eric's Trip meeting an even sadder Swede). And on Myspace you can find (and download) some newer stuff too ("Ancestor contest" would be my choice of the day).


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