Friday, June 29, 2007


Yes, it's time for the quick introduction to Klaus&Kinski. It's a band from Murcia, consisting mainly of Alejandro (most instruments) and Marina (most vocals), with some occasional help from Paco and Daniel. I found them last year on Myspace and was immediately addicted to their sweet mix of pop and Spanish folk music with a slight hint of electronica. For that reason ONBC asked them if they were interested in making a cover/remix/whatever of our single "Shell for the mourning", which they were. They did what you might call a complete make-over and turned our rather simple song into a downbeat/upbeat/fuzzguitar version with a few new melodies included as well (and there was much rejoicing in camp ONBC :-)). Besides that they were also very kind and sent me a copy of their demo, which is just amazing. It consists of 17 of their own songs (+ cover versions of "Souvenir" (OMD) and "Here comes the sun" (The Beatles)), among which "En la cama", "Me vas a destrozar" and "Flashback al reves" are my favourites (if I had to mention just three). And now they've gone and made a video for the latter.

So go watch, while Klaus&Kinski flashes you through cars, beaches and refrigerators (it's a very good video :-)):

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