Thursday, August 9, 2007

Da Adrenaline Remix!

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Yes, our very, very cool friend Tatu has made a remix of "Adrenaline". Tatu's from Finland and goes under the aliases Darkboy / TAT200 (and he has a band with his brother called farm animals). Normally Tatu is more into experimental rap and trip hop, but the remix has a darker and more 80ies feel to it (at least I think) and I really, really like it! So hope you'll like it too :-). Get it here. And visit Darkboy / TAT200 here.

AND.....if you feel like making a remix of our forthcoming single "Baby cool", you're still more than welcome. The files can be found here, the deadline for entries is August 19th, and the winners will be featured on Myspace in the two weeks prior to the release. So go fetch :-).

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