Monday, September 10, 2007

Then on Friday night we went through to the arches...

Yes, thanks to the ones who showed up for the release on Friday (we enjoyed it very much!). And grazie mille to mista cool Zvook, who's the nicest remixer around and Line (our cello favourite ;-)). And naturally, emodreng og indiepige who has written a bit about it (and do download the two songs by Zvook and Electrojuice!!!).
And the rest of weekend was mad too. Fun, though, since it included: watching football, getting pissed, going to a party, then to Apparatet, then Gauss, then Louises, and, lastly, drinking red wine in a flat at 8 o' clock in the morning. All courtesy (or at least alongside) jpg-masta. And since Sunday meant a band meeting and a few beers with the aforementioned jpg-masta, I'm really tired today. But still, went to work and did ok, I think. And please, please, please, go check out Simon Gylden. The album's out and three new songs on Myspace.

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