Saturday, December 1, 2007

Epidemic dreams

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Yes, it's that time of year again. So.... a few presents below (and a fabulous family photo with yours truly looking like a tired old sod and Mikkel looking like he's trying out for a part in The Three Musketeers ;-)).

The first song is a new one, it's called "Epidemic dreams" and it's kinda odd (compared to what we usually do). And it reminds Camilla of sleep and purple teddy bears, which I guess means that she likes it or something.

Epidemic dreams

And do you remember the "Baby cool" video? Well, if not, I can tell you that it was recorded backwards and then reversed again, which meant that we had to do a backwards version of the song too. For some reason (and it's rather sad, when you think of it) we liked the backwards version better than the original, so we reversed the kick drum again to give it some "rhythm" and here it is (think dance meets shoegaze, I think).

Baby cool backwards

AND: There's some old stuff too. The first is the very first recording we made as pierre on my birthday (23rd of April) 2000. It's called "Petite" and it includes crap instruments and the somewhat funny lyrics: "you and me / nous sommes les morts petites". The second was recorded about a year later, it's called "Sea shell mind" and it's about a slightly weird girl we once knew (one of my ex-girlfriends to be exact :-)). And the guitar intro is so cool (in my view, that is). Neither song contains much singing (it's Mikkel's voice!), but a hell of a lot of weird shit beats (and the sound quality is bad, bad, bad, since it's very demo, but there you have it).


Sea shell mind

OH: And a video for "Cry for a shadow". Heather shot the footage in New York and Mikkel turned it into a video (and it's good, methinks). And thanks very much to Heather!

Have a good one (December, Christmas, New Year's etc. :-)).


Anonymous said...

Tak for downloads. Interessant blog og rar musik.

Warmth, Anna

Camilla said...

Tsk tsk - lilla bamser! De var jo gule(!)

Hvor har du mon det fra, Ivse?

Nu må jeg sove.. C

Salvatore Ibsen said...

Tolle leistung med den fornemme anprisning i Soundvenue!

... og hvor lyder baglæns-Babycool egentlig... ja, cool. Meget.

Anonymous said...

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