Saturday, March 28, 2009

Boombox Pansy...

Hehe, while I'm waiting for new-and-smashing-band to start rehearsing for real, I'm recording with my solo project Boombox Pansy. So Thursday I went to Steffen's (my friend from my football team and guitarist in ALT) studio and recorded beat, bass and some guitar for 4 songs. And they're turning out great (I would say that, wouldn't I :-))! 60ies pop meets Stone Roses meets Arab Strap meets tons of reverb. So happy, happy and going back to record guitar on Tuesday.
And yesterday we helped Mikkel move his stuff to Vesterbro. So all the boys ended up playing guitar, snare drum, keyboard and what have you, while drinking beer and rum and eating Mexican food. Brilliant, indeed. And now, a cup of white wine, Loney, Dear in my headphones and 2 concerts on Studenterhuset afterwards. Brilliant, too :-).

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