Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekends as this one...

Should never end. Thursday (which isn't really weekend, I know) Mikkel and I had a coordinating-music-meeting at Props. So we had a few beers and met Cecilie from My Evil Twin, Lasse from Jeremy Sparrow and our Spanish friend, Marta, and her friends. So kinda tired Friday.
And Friday I went to this company thing. And that ended at Bloomsday. So kinda tired Saturday.
And Saturday I went to this Russian thing at Utterslev Mose. And we had a huge party at Jeff's place, watching This Is Spinal Tap, drinking drinks and dancing. Slept at Mikkel's place and was back home at 12 today. So kinda tired again.
And Jeff, the walking encyclopedia when it comes to old American music, played this one (I want a band with bass lines as that one):

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