Sunday, October 11, 2009


1: I'm feeling fine after a week of illness :-).
2: Yesterday we played our first concert with the second band we've started after the ONBC break up. And that also means that we've found a name for it. It's called Mikkel Max og Drømmenes Bodega. As the name suggests Mikkel's singing in Danish (while playing guitar and the occasional melodica or even flute) and the other five members (Ulrik, Søren, Torben, Jpg-manja-Jesper and moi) handle percussion, drums, synth, guitar and bass. We'll be making a Myspace profile or whatever shortly and upload a few songs, the style being folkpop with a hint of indie and country. I think. And the concert went super. We only fucked up a couple of times and the audience seemed to like it. But then again it was a private party and we knew quite a few of them, so....:-). But nice to know that we're capable of playing six songs, so we're expecting that we'll be able to play a "real" concert in a few months time. And thanks to the lovely, lovely, lovely Helle and Christina who let us play at their Birthday party!
3: And since I've been ill I didn't drink all that much, so no hangover today (but amazing evening, though, it even included a funky outdoor lapdancing of some sort :-)). So spent the day moving gear, eating at Halifax and having a beer at Plenum. Where they played this and I might have said it before, but that song is just so fucking great and the guitar solo is just so out of this world cool (and the sound quality is crap btw):

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Stina said...

Det var virkelig fint, Ivan! Vi var så glade for at i ville spille :) Jeg glæder mig til at høre jer snart igen.