Friday, February 19, 2010


More pictures here. And the trip was cooler than cool. In more ways than one, as it was 3 degrees below inside, when we arrived. But after some initial technical problems, we played and played and etc.. And recorded quite a few pretty cool songs.

And the house and the surroundings were magnificent (and we made pizzas in the stone oven :-)). Oh, and Halmstad seems a nice city. And the trip was almost a complete fail, as the we were stopped by the police for driving a car without proper papers (fault of the rental company, though, so we were allowed to drive on). And Saturday started with a leaking gas oven, which was a bit scary, to say the least (and nauseating, too).

And for the last two days I've been recording bongos, tambourines, shakers and whatnot with Mikkel. And drinking beer while doing that, so completely knackered today. So apart from perhaps going to Rust din Røv tomorrow, I ain't gonna do nothing this weekend.

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