Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm happy now...

Yeah, bloody marvellous weekend. Friday Jpg-manja and I went to the Beta Satan release which ended with far too many beers and a late party. And yesterday we went to Malmö for the Popfest at Debaser. And that was absolutely smashing! Talked to Marcus from Bakers At Dawn and saw a number of bands, some great, some not quite that great and and one truly remarkable! Palpitation from Stockholm, two girls with guitars (+ the occasional trumpetist), a simple backtrack and lovely, lovely melodies. They ought to become huge, and here's a little video:

And since going back took forever (ended up buying korv + another round of the weirdest korv and fries I've seen in my life + walking from Debaser to the station + falling asleep in the train and waking in Hellerup, going back to Nørreport and walking a mile before getting a taxi), I ain't gonna do nothing today. Or perhaps, looking at the Russian alphabet, because my classes start tomorrow, yay!

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