Monday, September 1, 2008

Fancy this...

Well, what do you know, ONBC's number one on "Det Elektriske Barometer"! As it's the programme, I've been listening to, since I was 12 or something (where it saved me from boring Sunday evenings in the South of Jutland with absolutely nothing to do) it's actually a kinda huge thing. So happy-go-lucky today. And tired! And sentimental, so I've made another mixtape:


LCD Soundsystem: New York I Love You
Bakers At Dawn: Crash and crater
Smog: The Hard Road (with the "in a cyclone of stones"-lyrics :-)).
Magnetic Fields: I Don't Want To Get Over You

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Oh, and Russian was fun, btw. Weird language, o's turn into a's sometimes and just saying "hello" is rather complicated. But fun, nevertheless, already looking forward to next week in a geeky kind of way :-).

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