Friday, September 12, 2008

The erratic behaviour of a drunken man (part one)...

Thought about it for a while. You know, truth is to be heard from children and drunk people. So why not, once and again, write a small novel while being ever so slightly drunk? Or not exactly a novel, but just what you think when returning from dancing, laughter and things like that. Well, anyway, I'm gonna turn it into a habit (the spelling might be awful, but what the hey). And here's what I think at the mo:
I like Notwist ("Gloomy Planets" makes me wanna cry). Loads of songs do that to me. "Season of the Shark" is one. Mostly because of sentimental issues:

Or just because it's so beautiful. I don't know. I so love the vocals and everything about it. And loving is hard. I basically don't know what to do. But I remember this one:

And I'm done trying. And I'm done being done.

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