Sunday, September 28, 2008


That was fun. Marcus was the sweetest of Swedes and we spent most the time trying to speak bad Swedish while he spoke bad Danish. And then we recorded! What I can guarantee is that it's gonna be the weirdest ONBC EP to date. 4 songs almost done, 2 sounding like a strange version of Eric's Trip, 1 like Chromatics and 1 almost like Keane (and I ain't kidding here). The latter also includes the closest I'll ever get to playing a guitar solo :-). And we managed to:
Eat at "Stans bästa brunch" / Find a place called "Korvhuset" with 101 varieties of sausage / Drink a million beers / Watch Holmes at Vinylbaren (and that was so cosy and just what we needed after a day in the studio) / Watch Die! Die! Die! (which apart from 35 Joy Divisionish seconds was so crap that I won't bother linking) / Even dance a bit / Get a girl in Netto to blush just by being stupidly Danish :-) / Oh, and eat "Farmerbiff" (which you, and you can trust me on that one, really don't wanna try).

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