Monday, October 13, 2008

On the other hand...

When you're ill, you've got the time to read newspapers :-). And this article by Francis Fukuyama (the dude with "The End of History"-thesis). As a historian I don't really agree with what he's said before, but he's got some valid points this time, so go read, please (apart from the fact that he claims that less educated people with a working class background in Europe always will vote for Left Wing parties. I think that Pia Kjærsgaard would be in for a laugh on that one :-). Anyway, an end to Reaganism and Thatcherism would be wonderful, so here's a toast to screwing corporate idiots, government idiots and most other idiots. And during the last few weeks I've been singing the chorus of this song at my job, just for fun (and ever so slightly as a provocation :-)):

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