Sunday, February 1, 2009


Almost done doing the bonus track (and the song is called "Blackmail" and it's in a dancey-disco version, hence the title :-)).
And naturally, I'm tired. Went to Rust with Mikkel on Thursday, Friday we recorded, and yesterday was bonanza. Went to see Martita Dinamita and Bananen on Din Nye Ven (which was very cool DJ-stuff) and then to Nøglebar (which was kinda sad, since they don't take VISA's or any cards whatsoever and you couldn't draw cash anywhere on Vesterbro). But home at 5, and today brunch at Cubanito and a few beers at Props with Mikkel and Jpg-manja.
And hehe, I've been looking for this song for ages:

It sorta takes you back to being 5 /15 or something. And either watching children's tv or drinking beer and listening to strange heavy. Which reminds me of driving to some weird party at some weird farm while listening to this (and later kissing a girl behind the barn :-)):

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