Friday, February 6, 2009

The end, the end, the end...

Of Oliver North Boy Choir, that is. Kinda strange, kinda hard and kinda nice. I vividly remember Mikkel telling me (on my birthday back in 2000) that you could actually record songs on your computer (and I thought wtf, that's too goddamn wild :-)), and that same day we started pierre. And that led to recordings, splitting up, getting back together as ONBC, recording, releasing, having fun, drinking beers and white wine, having coffee and dinners, hanging out with our children, being played on P3, anti-concert at SPOT and loads of other things. So we defo enjoyed the ride. And thanks a million to everyone who took part in it!
What I also remember from that birthday in 2000:
1: Mikkel (as always :-)) decided and made dinner.
2: Ulrik came by.
3: I'm rather certain that we went out, but can't remember where. Eforen perhaps?
4: My son gave me "Philophobia" (or rather, my ex and I had this thing that we'd buy a thing for ourselves as a gift from him, so I bought it for myself :-)). And this is one of my favourites ever:


Pinkhamster said...

Sorry to hear this, as I just discovered you guys last night when searching for Beat Happening songs on YouTube, and have liked everything ONBC I have heard in the short hours since that discovery.

Though I can completely understand how hard it is to do this work, and why something like this might not last. Just wanted to say that you had one more fan here in the USA just as you were packing it in.

Ivan said...

Thanks for the very kinda words, really glad that you liked it. And Beat Happening's fantastic btw :-).

Ivan said...

And "kind", not "kinda", goddamn :-).

Pinkhamster said...

Just to show I'm not talking nonsense, I bought all the ONBC tracks on iTunes just now. Now you can buy a beer on me!

(I saw after I bought them that you were also selling through another site, klicktrack; hope iTunes doesn't take a big percentage of the price.)

I went to college in Olympia, Washington where Beat Happening was from, back when they were still playing. I only saw them live once, I guess it was near the end of their career. Calvin Johnson did a radio show sometimes on our college radio station. It's fun hearing him sing about some of the places I used to go in a couple of their songs.

I look forward to listening to all of these songs I just bought from you folks, even though I would never buy anything from the American soldier Oliver North!

Ivan said...

Yay, thanks very much (and I have no idea which pays the most, but I'm thinking that there can't be much difference)! And yup, we defo owe you a beer :-).
And that sounds pretty nice, I never saw them live, but from what I've seen on Youtube, it must've been cool in a very lo-fi way.
And I wouldn't buy anything from Oliver North either :-).

One Weekly Gun said...

What a shame! But usually change happens for the better.
I have all the stuff and I listen often.

Ivan said...

And thanks! And yes, I think the change is gonna do us good (for one thing, I've started playing my cooler than cool bass :-)).