Friday, November 14, 2008

And the way I feel tonight, I could die and I wouldn't mind...

Yay. Smashing day, I've been:
- efficient when at work
- teaching my son how to do an E minor chord on a guitar
- listening to the new Klaus&Kinski and missing Spain
- writing ONBC-mails
- drinking an Erdinger weissbier
- and watching this:

Now, all I need would be: doing the dishes / the laundry / and the vacuum cleaning. And that, I ain't doing tonight.


Olive said...

You're son must be very clever!

You can come to visit us when you like. We're going to have our own house with, at least, one guests bed.

Did the record arrive? Hope it's not lost alone in north Europe...

Many kisses


Ivan said...

Hehe, he is :-).
And yay, I'd love that, thanks for the offer, I'll find a date in the spring (and congrats on the house).
And yes, it did, thanks so much, it's really, really, really cool!