Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Flashing red and green...

Since I've been a bit of a sad mofo after being hit in the face, I quite forgot to tell the details about the party at Folkets Hus. First of all, Fifty Foot Spiders played an amazing concert! Cool and kinda hot vocalist + very cool guitarist + very, very cool Moog/synth-guy (and the bass + drums were cool too)! And then we danced! First to dancey stuff and then to eval duuuub (Mikkel didn't quite like it, but at that time I could've danced to the sound of a B-52, so I really enjoyed it). And a load of nice people, so as I said before the best party in ages. And now, a glass of white wine and off to bed, job's waiting tomorrow! But a video (I could do with a dance right now :-)):

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