Saturday, December 6, 2008

9 of the year...

I listen to too few albums, so I'm not gonna make the usual top 10. Instead I'll give you:

9 recommendations you can't do without:
1: The Walkmen: You & Me. Because "On the Water" is the most beautiful and most desperate song made this year / because you can hear that they've tried hard / because the drums are the coolest sort of ever.
2: Herman Düne: Next Year In Zion. Because "My Baby Is Afraid Of Sharks" is the best ballad this year / because I've loved the band since I saw them play in front of a 12-people audience at Huset.
3: Bakers at dawn: The best of bakers at dawn. Because he's number 1 on my / because it's a great album / and he's a cool Swede too :-).
4: Klaus&Kinski: Tu hoguera está ardiendo. Because whenever I need cheering up in a melancholic way I'll listen to "Flash-back al revés" / because it's a great album / because they're the nicest band I know.
5: Navyelectre: The Mourning. Because it's weird fucked-up shit / because it's cool.
6: The Notwist: The Devil, You + Me. Well, it's German / because "Gloomy Planets" makes me wanna cry.
7: Late of the Pier: Fantasy Black Channel. Because it's weird shit too / and I'm too old for it, but I like it anyway.
8: Palpitation: I'm Happy Now (EP). Because it's cool / because the concert in Malmø was excellent and just what I needed.
9: Beck: Modern Guilt. Because any record with a song like "Chemtrails" deserves to be on a list / I mean the DRUMS!

And while I was doing this list, my grandmother died. I can't play anything she would've liked, because I've never known what she actually did like (she was a radio and Giro413-person). But she was the sweetest I've ever known, so I'm just gonna play what I play, when I'm sad:

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