Sunday, December 21, 2008

What' you got....

I've been singing that line all weekend (it's part of the chorus of our next single :-)). And yes, we've been recording like maniacs, and it sounds swell, swell, swell. And Friday we went dancing! And I slept at a friend's place (watching her eat porridge and drink tea, while we watched Dalziel and Pascoe at 5 in the morning was extremely cosy).
AND a free song from the ONBC/pierre archives. It's a song called "Ventil" named after a Portugese brand of cigarettes Mikkel and I smoked when we were in Lisbon in 2000. Smashing trip, drank large quantities of white wine and beer, Mikkel introduced me to mussels, a girl told us that "you look like vodka" (which was kinda odd, until we discovered that she meant that we looked like some people in a vodka commercial) and we got chased (and hit on) by a man who kept calling us "Mikkeliiiiii" and "Yyyyvan". We recorded the song shortly after returning and we played it, when we played our one and only live concert as pierre at Studenterhuset in 2001 as warm up for Future3(and we tried to re-record it last year, but it sounded crappier than crap, so now we're just giving it away, because it's one of our favourites from back then in the good old days).

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