Monday, December 29, 2008

Ever so slowly...

Got this Scotch whisky thing from my aunt. And having a blast making cd's for New Year's Eve. Made one with Sexton Blake for dinner and one with Sally Shapiro / Herman Düne / Late of the Pier / The Walkmen / Beck / The Notwist & Beach House for before and after. Mikkel, Jpg-manja and I will be spending it with manja's brother, manja's brother's girlfriend, a couple, and five Swedish girls, whom we've never met before (or, we've met the one, but not the four)!? And after that a craaazy party on Nørrebro!? I'm guessing I'll be blushing all evening.
And I'm alone in the house, which is kinda odd. Or, not quite alone, since there are two in the annex, but still. And somehow, I miss this ("I wanna watch you bleed, ever so slowly" is suuuuch a corny line, but the song is cool the 90ies noisy way).

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