Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ever so lovely...

Oooooh mama. New Year's was perfect, spent 6 hours making French fries, had some wine, Swedish glögg, the company was super and the party great too. And the Mikkel and I spent the 1st cleaning up and drinking beer at Plenum and Osborne's (cool bartender at Plenum kept playing nice music which the other, not so cool, bartender kept turning down, Mazzy Star for instance):

And yesterday we went dancing, Mikkel, Ebbe, Jpg-manja and I. The great Vesterbro tour, Ebbe's studio, bars, Kebabistan, more bars, taxis and the whole lot. Today I spent an hour trying to get on the internet, until I discovered that I was on the wireless and for some reason couldn't use my cable!? Now I need a bed (but there's Columbo on the telly, so might go for that one in stead).

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